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UPDATE TO Wyoming's Red Fox Family


UPDATE: The city recieved a few recent comments concerning the Wyoming fox. The mama is limping and injured and has reportedly charged at a resident and pets. We inquired with the DNR if the fox and babies should be relocated or if we should take any action regarding the fox family. Please see the updated response from the Vince Evelsizer, Iowa's Fur Bearing State Biologist.  "UPDATE IS IN BOLD"

My feedback would be to leave things as they are. Reasons:

- Lots of folks will have opinions and think this or that should be done. But often the only thing needed is to leave them alone and let them take care of themselves, they're tough and know what's best. Folks shouldn't approach to get within 20 - 30 yds of the den and the parents whenever possible. 

- Mama will move them if she sees fit to do so. They will grow up pretty fast, and it's likely they'll become less visible to the public over the next few weeks.

It's likely false 'charges' to people and pets that the adult foxes are doing and that's probably only occasional if people get too close to them. And the adult foxes are likely only doing it to defend themselves or more likely their den/pups. It's likely they won't do anything drastic. 

So, it's likely everything is just fine with those foxes, even if the mama foot has a bad foot. They're tough and don't complain, they just deal with it. 

However, if anything further develops with human or pet safety, feel free to reach back out. We've not had any safety issues with foxes to date. Fortunately they're pretty small. They mainly eat mice, squirrels, and rabbits. 

Thanks again for the update,

- Vince


The city has received multiple phone calls, pictures, and messages of a Red fox (who is a nursing mother) spotted within Wyoming City limits. The city has reached out to Luke Dever with Iowa DNR and Vince Evelsizer Iowa’s Fur Bearing State Biologist on how to best handle keeping our residents and the fox family safe and happy.  Both confirmed Red Fox are harmless to humans and if left alone will by mid-summer have moved out along with her babies. When asked about relocating the fox family we were told the babies would most likely not survive.

Please see the advice provided by Vince Evelsizer and Luke Dever.

I have also attached a link to a publication about Red Fox. Provided by Iowa Sate Biologist Vince Evelsizer and written by Ronald D. Andrews former State Biologist. The Red Fox in Iowa (iowadnr.gov)

  • No threat to humans.
  • Do not feed the fox.
  • The red fox is an omnivorous animal, feeding on both plants and animals. Most of its diet consists of small mammals such as mice, voles, and rabbits. When available, the red fox will also eat reptiles, birds, insects, berries, and nuts.
  • Do not feed feral cats outside.
  • Do not attempt to catch or move the Kits (baby fox) they will not survive.
  • Not a threat to most pets but would recommend Keeping small pets secure.


If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to City Hall. We will do our best to keep you notified of any updates.


3 Red Fox Babies
Adult Red fox