If you are interested in volunteering for a position on one of the City’s boards or commissions, please contact the City Clerk’s office. 

vacancy application

  • Planning and Zoning Board

Dustin Klien
   Cynthia Westphal
Brenda Leonard
Rachel Nixon

  *Meets as needed

  • Board of Adjustment

Jim Eichhorn
Doug McCloy
Deb Heiken
 Stacey Agnitsch
*Meets as needed

  • Wyoming Public Library Board

Rebecca Gudenkauf
Michelle Hansen
Laurie Damman
Stacey Williams
Paula Klein
*Meets 1st Thursday of the month at 5 p.m.

  • Wyoming Historical Museum Commission

Jim Eichhorn
   Dick Fishwild
Jean Oberbreckling
Mel Haase
   Jerilyn Danielson
Pat McCalmant
Kristina Doll

  *Meets 1st Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m.

  • Calkin’s Commission

Jr. Brodersen
Mark Thomas
Sue Brodersen
   Suzanne Willman
Jamie Willman
Kelly Dodge
Gabe Gile

*Meets 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m.

If you are interested in serving on any of the boards please contact City Hall for an application. The City must make a good faith effort to appoint a qualified person while complying with being gender balanced.

Gender Equity
All city appointive boards, commissions, committees and councils created by the Code of Iowa are required to be gender balanced by January 1, 2012. Gender balance means if the body has an even number of appointees, it must be evenly made up of men and women. For example, three women and three men must serve on a six member board. If the body has an odd number of appointees, it must be “one half plus one” of either gender. For instance, if there are five members, three could be men and the other two women, or vice versa.

However, state law does allow a city to have an unbalanced board if they have made a good faith effort to achieve gender balance by attempting to find a qualified person of the necessary gender for a period of three months.