Garbage Calendar



Garbage and Recycling - Thursday morning curb side pick up for residential. Businesses must contract on their own. Items recyclable for pick up include: clean plastic containers, tin cans, newspapers and flattened corrugated cardboard. Recycling is mandatory in Wyoming. Call City Hall with questions about garbage or recycling. Glass goes in the garbage cart.  Kluesner Sanitation is the City's contract.  563-927-5977.

The Jones County Transfer Station has a permanent Regional Collection Center (RCC) for household hazardous materials. The RCC accepts hazardous materials free of charge from Jones County residents throughout the year. Call the Regional Collection Center Answer Line, 1-800-644-0702 for more information. Tires are accepted a the landfill, call for pricing. Automotive batteries are accepted free of charge. Call retail outlets or automotive repair shops for used motor oil disposal options. Oil-based and latex paint is accepted at the RCC from Jones County residents only. Appliances are $10 per unit.  Questions? Call 319-462-3898 The Jones County Landfill, 13859 Edinburg Road, Scotch Grove

Landfill Hours: Mon. - Fri. 8 AM - 3 PM

Saturday 8 AM - 4 PM